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We carry Ethanol Free Fuel in all Octane levels –
85, 87 and 91.

Depending on what you use it in, ethanol blends give some or all of these common problems:

  • Lower mileage and increased fuel use
  • Dissolving of critical rubber and plastic parts, leading to fuel system & engine damage (especially in small equipment and boats)
  • Accumulation of dissolves gums and resins as deposits in key engne areas, such as injectors and valves (performance problems follow)
  • Attraction of water into the fuel, leading to “phase seperation”, loss of octane value and destruction of fuel quality


Why pure gas?

ethanol_free_fuelMany cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft and tools have engines that run worse, or have parts that deteriorate, when run on gasoline that contains ethanol. In addition, ethanol leaves residue on valves and other parts that can hinder performance.

How does pure gas give me better mileage?

Pure gas gives better mileage than E10, and much better than E85, simply because gasoline has higher free energy than ethanol. The free energy of gasoline is 34.2 MJ per liter. The free energy of ethanol is 24 MJ per liter. That means E10 (10% ethanol) has a free energy of 33.2 MJ per liter, and E85 (85% ethanol) has a free energy of 25.6 MJ per liter. As a result, your mileage is reduced by 3% with E10 over pure gas, and 25% with E85 over pure gas, all else being equal. Mileage can be reduced even more if your engine doesn’t run as well on E10, which is often the case.